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Dizziness / Vertigo

Vertigo and Dizziness can have multiple reasons the most overlooked one is a "Cervical Subluxation" a.k.a Neck vertebral misalignment, which interferes with the transmission of information "Nerve signal" From and To the Brain. Our Brain has to process information from 3 systems our eyes, ears, and "Mechanoreceptors". Mechanoreceptors are nerves that send signals to the brain in relation to skeletal movement. The Brain highly enervates the first 3 Joints of the neck with these nerves; due to their proximity to the Brain. Also the importance of the Brain as an Organ. The Brain is consistently adapting the position of the skull on top of the spine, hip, legs, and feet; by using information relayed by the nerve input from the eyes, ears, and Mechanoreceptor. So if the Neck top Vertebras are not moving correctly, that could lead to mismatch in the information processed by the 3 system's causing the Brain to go into a spin. And this is one of the most overlooked reason for Vertigo, and Dizziness. If you Don't get checked regularly by a Chiropractor. I highly recommend you get checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in the Neck. Because a "Subluxation" of the upper Neck area could be overlooked by other medical professionals.


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